Galaxy Server administration

Resources related to configuration and maintenance of Galaxy servers

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These are the core, foundational topics for the majority of administration in Galaxy.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Galaxy Installation with Ansible
Galaxy from an administrator's point of view

Jobs & Scheduling

Learn how to use DRMAA and other resources to schedule your jobs on clusters

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Connecting Galaxy to a compute cluster
Mapping Jobs to Destinations using TPV
Running Jobs on Remote Resources with Pulsar
Use Apptainer containers for running Galaxy jobs

Data Management & Reference Data

Manage data like a pro: tips on scaling to 1PB and more.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Data Libraries
Distributed Object Storage
Reference Data with CVMFS
Reference Data with CVMFS without Ansible
Reference Data with Data Managers
Setting up Celery Workers for Galaxy

Further Learning

These topics will let you further expand your knowledge. They all build upon what you learned in the core topics, and many expect that you have a setup identical to the one started in the core trainings.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Automation with Jenkins
Deploying a Beacon v1 in Galaxy
Enable upload via FTP
External Authentication
Galaxy Interactive Tools
Galaxy Tool Management with Ephemeris
How I learned to stop worrying and love the systemd
Performant Uploads with TUS
Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS)

Running Galaxy on the Cloud

If acronyms like EKS, EC2, GCP, ECS, K8S mean anything to you, then you've found where your home! Run Galaxy on someone else's computer with Cloud based tutorials

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Deploying Tailscale/Headscale for private mesh networking
Deploying Wireguard for private mesh networking
Galaxy on the Cloud
Managing Galaxy on Kubernetes
Galaxy Installation on Kubernetes
Deploying a compute cluster in OpenStack via Terraform

Maintaining a Production Galaxy

Deployed Galaxy? Now what? All of the knowledge you need to maintain it long term.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Customizing the look of Galaxy
Customizing the look of Galaxy (Manual)
Galaxy Troubleshooting
Gearing towards production
Server Maintenance: Cleanup, Backup, and Restoration
Upgrading Galaxy
User, Role, Group, Quota, and Authentication managment


Monitor Galaxy like, learn the ins and outs of monitoring

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Galaxy Monitoring
Galaxy Monitoring with Reports
Galaxy Monitoring with Telegraf and Grafana
Galaxy Monitoring with gxadmin
Monitoring Galaxy and Pulsar with Sentry

Deprecated Tutorials

Please do not run these. They are outdated and for historical, archival purposes only.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Advanced customisation of a Galaxy instance
Controlling Galaxy with systemd or Supervisor


Assorted Tutorials

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
Docker and Galaxy
Galactic Database
Galaxy Database schema

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding this topic have been collected on a dedicated FAQ page . Common questions related to specific tutorials can be accessed from the tutorials themselves.

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