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Galaxy Monitoring


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Manage Jobs

An admin interface to list current unfinished jobs and finished jobs of a certain age.

Log Files


Can we make better walltime decisions?

scripts/ Database-driven job runtime statistics


Galaxy ships with its own app that reports usage (user, job, data, etc numbers)


Nagios is a general-purpose tool for monitoring systems and services.

Galaxy-specific check in contrib/nagios/: Runs Galaxy jobs


Job Metrics

Galaxy can collect metrics on each job through configurable plugins in job_metrics_conf.xml.

Some plugins:

Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana

General purpose tools for monitoring systems and services.

Tool Use
Telegraf plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics
Influxdb purpose built time series database
Grafana dashboard for beautiful analytics and monitoring


Infrastructure for Grafana

Grafana showcase

If you see a dashboard you can export its configuration and put it on your Grafana with your data. Copy away!

Thank you!

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