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Gearing towards production


last_modification Published: Jan 28, 2019
last_modification Last Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Production server

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Configuration Options

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class: reduce90

Configuring uWSGI

Important options in the uwsgi section of galaxy.yml

option description
http port and IP on which to listen for HTTP requests, :8080 for port 8080 on all network interfaces. For a production server, you should use socket: and a proxy server.
socket port and IP on which to listen for uWSGI protocol requests, for port 8000 on localhost.
processes number of uWSGI web workers.
threads number of threads for each web worker.
offload-threads number of threads for internal routing requests, 1-2 is sufficient.
master use uWSGI master process manager, defaults to false for dev compatibility but should be true in production.
mule-reload-mercy time to gracefully wait for mule shutdown, set > monitor_thread_join_timeout galaxy option.

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Securing your Object IDs

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Customizing your “Brand”

option description
brand appends “/{brand}” to the “Galaxy” text in the masthead.
logo_url URL linked by the “Galaxy/brand” text.
helpsite_url URL linked by the “Galaxy Help” link in the “Help” menu.
wiki_url URL linked by the “Wiki” link in the “Help” menu.
support_url URL linked by the “Support” link in the “Help” menu.
citation_url URL linked by the “How to Cite Galaxy” link in the “Help” menu.
search_url URL linked by the “Search” link in the “Help” menu.
mailing_lists_url URL linked by the “Mailing Lists” link in the “Help” menu.
screencasts_url URL linked by the “Videos” link in the “Help” menu.
terms_url URL linked by the “Terms and Conditions” link on the registration form.
qa_url URL linked by the “Galaxy Q&A” link in the “Help” menu.

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Adding a Notice Banner

option sample value
message_box_visible true
message_box_content Downtime scheduled Sunday at Noon to one.
message_box_class warning (also: error, info)

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Update the welcome page

Welcome page is $GALAXY_ROOT/static/welcome.html and is the first thing that users see. It is a good idea to extend it with things like:

.left[No restarting is necessary.]

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Client Browser Security

option description
sanitize_all_html by default, Galaxy sanitizes all “text/html” tool outputs. Setting to false potentially exposes users to XSS attacks.
sanitize_whitelist_file manually override html sanitization for listed tools. Can set in admin interface.
serve_xss_vulnerable_mimetypes certain filetypes (e.g. SVG) can contain JS that is vulnerable to XSS (Cross-site scripting) and are served as “plain/text” by default.
allowed_origin_hostnames Returns Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header that matches the Origin header of the request.

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These should never be enabled on a public site.

option description
debug enable debug options, preserves cluster job data on disk (but use cleanup_job for this).
use_profile Python profiler on requests.
use_printdebug Anything “print”ed within a Galaxy Web thread is exposed to user.
use_interactive Enable live debugging in your browser.

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Configuring FTP

option description
ftp_upload_dir Directory containing subdirectories matching users’ identifier (defaults to e-mail).
ftp_upload_site Hostname of your FTP server provided to users in the help text. Must set to enable FTP import.
ftp_upload_dir_identifier User attribute for subdirectory naming. ‘email’ (${}) is default, but ‘id’ or ‘username’ are also common.
ftp_upload_dir_template Python string template used to determine a users FTP upload directory (${ftp_upload_dir}/${ftp_upload_dir_identifier}).
ftp_upload_purge Delete files after FTP import (true).

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class: reduce90

Configuring Data Library Path Uploads

Admin options

option description
library_import_dir Browse and upload files from configured directory.
allow_path_paste Allow admins to paste any path to upload (e.g. file://), applies also to the general ‘upload tool’.

User options

option description
user_library_import_dir Root directory containing sub-directories named by user emails. A nifty setup is that the value is the same as for ftp_upload_dir allowing users to upload files via FTP and then import them either in history or data library.
user_library_import_dir_auto_creation Create user’s folder upon login.
user_library_import_symlink_whitelist Directories that users are allowed to symlink to.
user_library_import_check_permissions If Galaxy usernames match system usernames enable this to use UNIX permissions.

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class: reduce90

Configuring SMTP

SMTP server

option description
smtp_server host:port of SMTP server to use. Uses STARTTLS, but will fallback.
smtp_username Username for SMTP server.
smtp_password Password for SMTP server. STARTTLS recommended on SMTP server.
smtp_ssl If SMTP server requires SSL from connection start, set to true.


option description
error_email_to Address to send user error reports to.
email_from Return address used in automatic user notifications. (<galaxy-no-reply@HOSTNAME>)
mailing_join_addr Mailing list to subscribe users to during registration.

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galaxy.yml full options

a.k.a. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About galaxy.yml

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