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Galaxy from an administrator's point of view




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Picture with 125+ platforms for using galaxy written and a number of screenshots of those galaxies.

Where can Galaxy run?

Choosing where to run

Resource Directory

Supported UseGalaxy.* Local Cloud
Moderate Data
Big Data 🤷‍♀️
Moderate Computations
Long/Expensive Computations 🤷‍
You want to share your Galaxy objects with others
All needed Tools are pre-installed 🤷‍♂️
Human Data / Proprietary Data
No network transfer of data

Reasons to Install Your Own Galaxy

Software Requirements


Minimal production requirements:

Hardware Requirements

This depends:

If possible, run the Galaxy server separate from Galaxy jobs

Storage will usually be the biggest concern

Speaker Notes

Server Hardware Requirements

Based on concurrent user count and assuming separate compute for jobs:

Users Resource estimate
1 - 5 1 core, 1GB, 10 TB
5 - 20 2 cores, 2 GB, 40 TB
20 - 40 8 cores, 8 GB, 200 TB
40+ multiple hosts, 16 GB/host, 500 TB, dedicated DB host

Storage is more difficult to estimate since it is, like compute, analysis and policy dependent

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Galaxy Storage Philosophy

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Storage Requirements

An “average” 2018 NGS analysis (by Anton Nekrutenko): 66 GB

10 users, 10 histories: > 6 TB


Compute Requirements

This depends: allocates from 8 GB/core to 16 GB/core

Connecting Galaxy to clusters/HPC is covered in the advanced section.

Making plans

Before deploying your first Galaxy server:

Galaxy deployment options

In future:

Deployment Best Practices

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System Administration Best Practices

Back up everything (except that which is managed by configuration management)

Key Points

Thank you!

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