FAIR Data, Workflows, and Research

These lessons will teach you how to make your research objects more FAIR with practical, hands-on advice.

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FAIR Data Management

The FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data stewardship created the foundation for sharing and publishing digital assets. These lessons will apply to machine accessibility and emphasize that all digital assets should share data in a way that will enable maximum use and reuse.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
FAIR in a nutshell
FAIR data management solutions
FAIR Galaxy Training Material
FAIR Bioimage Metadata
REMBI - Recommended Metadata for Biological Images – metadata guidelines for bioimaging data

Make workflows FAIR with RO-Crate

This section brought to you by the BY-COVID project, and will teach you how to make your research objects more FAIR with practical, hands-on advice.

Lesson Slides Hands-on Recordings
RO-Crate - Introduction
Workflow Run RO-Crate Introduction
Exporting Workflow Run RO-Crates from Galaxy
RO-Crate in Python
Best practices for workflows in GitHub repositories
Submitting workflows to LifeMonitor

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