Contributing to the Galaxy Training Material

Galaxy is a great solution to train the bioinformatics concepts: numerous bioinformatics tools are available (almost 5,000 in the ToolShed), it can be used by people without amy computer science skills, it trains to use technology, outlining available resources and efforts that have made them accessible to researchers, it is scalable.
In 2016, the Galaxy Training Network decide to set up a new infrastructure for delivering easily Galaxy related training material. The idea was to develop something open and online based on a community effort, as always in Galaxy.


Lesson Slides Hands-on
Overview of the Galaxy Training Material slides
Contributing with GitHub via command-line slides tutorial
Contributing with GitHub via its interface tutorial
Creating a new tutorial tutorial
Creating a new tutorial - Creating Interactive Galaxy Tours tutorial
Creating a new tutorial - Defining the technical infrastructure tutorial
Creating a new tutorial - Slides slides
Creating a new tutorial - Writing content in Markdown tutorial
Generating PDF artefacts of the website tutorial
Including a new topic tutorial
Running the Galaxy Training material website locally tutorial


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