Why host your materials with the GTN?

The short version is we’re a popular, FAIR training materials platform, and we want to be a home for your training materials.

Your content in front of the world

As of June 2023 the GTN sees around 60k visitors per month. Please see our public page view monitoring for more details.


We go to great lengths to make sure our training platform is completely FAIR. See this FAQ for the details on how we achieve that.. All of our materials have extensive BioSchemas markup ensuring they’re easily accessible to search engines. Our materials are automatically indexed by TeSS, and we are working on a WorkflowHub integration.


We regularly test our pages with a thorough suite of accessibility tools, as well as via screen reader.

Not Just Galaxy

Our name can be a bit misleading! While a lot of our tutorials are focused on Galaxy, we have multiple growing topics which are unrelated to Galaxy.

All of these topics are using the GTN as a platform to disseminate their materials far and wide.


Do you need

  • Choose your own adventure tutorials
  • Automatic videos from your slides

Then choose the GTN.

Persistent URL
Resource purlPURL: https://gxy.io/GTN:F00181
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