`docker-compose up` fails with error `/usr/bin/start.sh: line 133: /galaxy/.venv/bin/uwsgi: No such file or directory`

  • This is why it’s useful to watch the boot process without detaching
  • This can happen if a container has become corrupt on disk after being interrupted
    • cured by a complete cleanup.
  • Make sure no docker galaxy-server related processes are running - use docker ps to check and stop them manually
  • delete the ..compose/export directory with sudo rm -rf export/* to clean out any corrupted files
  • run docker system prune to clear out any old corrupted containers, images or networks. Then run docker volume prune in the same way to remove the shared volumes.
  • run docker-compose pull again to ensure the images are correct
  • run docker-compose up to completely rebuild the appliance from scratch. Please be patient.
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