Adding your recording to a tutorial or slide deck

We welcome anybody to submit their recordings! Your videos can be used in (online) training events, or for self-study by learners on the GTN.

For some tips and tricks about recording the video itself, please see

Recording Tips & Tricks Submit a Recording

Submission process

The process of adding recordings to the GTN is as follows:

  1. Instructor: Record video (tips & tricks)
  2. Instructor: Submit your video using this Google Form
  3. GTN: A GTN GitHub pull request (PR) will be made by our bot based on the form.
  4. GTN:: We will upload your video to the GalaxyProject YouTube channel
  5. GTN:: We will put the auto-generated captions from YouTube into a Google Doc
  6. Instructor:: Check and fix the auto-generated captions
  7. GTN: Upload the fixed captions to YouTube
  8. GTN: Merge the Pull Request on GitHub
  9. Done! Your recording will now show up on the tutorial for anybody to use and re-use

Note: If you are submitting a video to use in an event, please submit your recording 2 weeks before the start of your course to allow ample time to complete the submission process.

Recordings Metadata

Our bot will add some metadata about your recording to the tutorial or slide deck in question, and looks as follows:

  - speakers:       # speakers must be defined in the CONTRIBUTORS.yaml file
    - shiltemann
    - hexylena
    captioners:     # captioners must also be present in the CONTRIBUTORS.yaml file
    - bebatut
    type:           # optional, will default to Tutorial or Lecture, but if you do something different, set it here (e.g. Demo, Lecture & Tutorial, Background, Webinar)
    date: '2024-06-12'         # date on which you recorded the video
    galaxy_version: '24.0'     # version of Galaxy you used during the recording, can be found under 'Help->About' in Galaxy
    length: 1H17M              # length of your video, in format: 17M or 2H34M  etc
    youtube_id: "dQw4w9WgXcQ"  # the bit of the YouTube URL after

  - speakers:
    - shiltemann
    - hexylena
    - bebatut
    date: '2020-06-12'
    galaxy_version: '20.05'
    length: 51M
    youtube_id: "oAVjF_7ensg"


Note: If your videos are already uploaded to YouTube, for example as part of a different project’s account, you can add this metadata to the tutorial or slides manually, without using our submission form. Note that we do require all videos to have good-quality English captions, and we will not be able to help you configure these on other YouTube accounts.

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