Creating a GTN News post

If you have created a new tutorial, running an event, published a paper around training, or have anything else interesting to share with the GTN community, we encourage you to write a News item about it!

News items will show up on the GTN homepage and in the GTN news feed.

Creating the news post: The Easy Way

Fill out this Google Form. Every day our bot will import the news posts submitted via this Google Form, and we will process them, perhaps requesting small changes, so we recommend that you have a GitHub account already.

For Advanced Users

Have a look at the existing news items in the news/_posts/ folder of the GTN repository for some examples.

A news post is a markdown file that looks as follows:

layout: news

title: "New Tutorial: My tutorial title"
  - new tutorial
  - transcriptomics
  - shiltemann
  - hexylena

tutorial: "topics/introduction/tutorials/data-manipulation-olympics/tutorial.html"
cover: "path/to/cover-image.jpg"  # usually an image from your tutorial
coveralt: "description of the cover image"


A bit of text containing your news, this is all markdown formatted,
so you can do **bold** and *italic* text like this, and links look
like [this]( etc.

Describe everything you want to convey here, can be as long as you

Make sure the filename is structured as follows:, so for example:

Persistent URL
Resource purlPURL:
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