Creating a GTN News post

If you have created a new tutorial, running an event, published a paper around training, or have anything else interesting to share with the GTN community, we encourage you to write a News item about it!

News items will show up on the GTN homepage and in the GTN news feed.

Creating the news post

Have a look at the existing news items in the news/_posts/ folder of the GTN repository for some examples.

A news post is a markdown file that looks as follows:

layout: news

title: "New Tutorial: My tutorial title"
  - new tutorial
  - transcriptomics
  - shiltemann
  - hexylena

tutorial: "topics/introduction/tutorials/data-manipulation-olympics/tutorial.html"
cover: "path/to/cover-image.jpg"  # usually an image from your tutorial
coveralt: "description of the cover image"


A bit of text containing your news, this is all markdown formatted,
so you can do **bold** and *italic* text like this, and links look
like [this]( etc.

Describe everything you want to convey here, can be as long as you

Make sure the filename is structured as follows:, so for example:

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