View a list of all histories

This FAQ demonstrates how to list all histories for a given user

There are multiple ways in which you can view your histories:

  1. Viewing histories using switch-historiesSwitch to history” button. This is best for quickly switching between multiple histories.

    Click the “Switch history” icon at the top of the history panel to bring up a list of all your histories: Listing histories using the "Switch history" button

  2. Using the “Activity Bar”:

    Click the “Show all histories” button within the Activity Bar on the left: Listing histories using Activity Bar

  3. Using “Data” drop-down:

    Click the “Data” link on the top bar of Galaxy interface and select “Histories”: Listing histories using "Data" menu

  4. Using the Multi-view, which is best for moving datasets between histories:

    Click the galaxy-history-options menu, and select galaxy-multihistory Show histories side-by-side

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