How can I do analysis X? - Getting help

If you don’t know how to perform a certain analysis, you can ask the Galaxy community for help.

Where to ask

The best places to ask your analysis questions are:

Note: For questions about errors you’ve encountered in Galaxy, please see our troubleshooting page.

How to ask

The more detail you provide, the better we can help you. Please provide information about:

  • Your data and experiment e.g. “paired-end RNASeq, mouse, 16 triplicates, 2 timepoints”, etc
  • Your goal and research question e.g. “I want to detect diffentially expressed genes between these two groups and generate a volcano plot”
  • What you have already tried? Do you already know which tools you want to use? Did you already try some but they didn’t work? Why not? Did you find good papers describing something similiar to what you want to do? etc.
  • Which Galaxy are you using? And if you have already tried some steps, please share your Galaxy history via URL and provide this along with your question.
  • Examples
    • Bad Question: “Help!!! How to perform metagenomics analysis. I need it urgent!”
    • Good Question: “Hello everybody, I have 16S rRNA sequencing data from Illumina, it was paired-end with 150bp reads. I want to perform a taxonomy analysis similar to this paper (provide link). I have followed this GTN tutorial (provide link), but my data is different because (reason) . How can I adapt this step of the analysis for my data? I read about a tool called X, but I cannot find it in Galaxy. I am using Galaxy EU, and here is a link to my history. Any help would be greatly appreciated!”

Before you ask

  • Check the Galaxy Help forum to see if others have already asked a similar question before.
  • Search the GTN website for a tutorial that matches what you want to do, and work your way through that. Even if it doesn’t doe exactly what you need, you usually learn a lot along the way that will help you adapt it to your own data or research question.

Be patient

Please remember that most of the people answering questions on Matrix chat and the help forum are volunteers from the community. They take time out of their busy days to help you. They may also be in a different time zone, so it may take some time to get answers. Please always be patient and kind to each other, and adhere to our code of conduct.

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