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Visualisations in Galaxy


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What is Data Visualisation

Selection of numerous graph types include pie, dot, bar, line charts, map and guages.

What is Data Visualisation

Examples of 6 different visualisations in galaxy features an MSA, a couple graphs, RNA structure, and 3d visualisations of proteins

Why visualizations?


Speaker Notes Anscombes quartet, all these datasets have same mean, standard deviation and correlation, yet when visualizing them it is revealed they have vastly different structures.

Data Visualisation in Galaxy

Genome Browsers

JBrowse screenshot

Genome Browsers in Galaxy


.image-75[ Screenshot of Galaxy showing the configuration interface for JBrowse. ]

Speaker Notes


.image-75[Screenshot of JBrowse showing sequence, some bar charts, a SNP map highlighting snps, and aligned reads.]

Galaxy Charts

Example of list of Galaxy charts

Galaxy Charts

Visualisation Tools

Sample Circos images

Key Points

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