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Recurrent neural networks (RNN) Deep Learning - Part 2


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What is a recurrent neural network (RNN)?

Speaker Notes

What is a recurrent neural network (RNN)?

Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)

One-to-many RNN

Neurons forming a one-to-many recurrent neural network

Many-to-one RNN

Neurons forming a many-to-one recurrent neural network

Many-to-many RNN

Neurons forming a many-to-many recurrent neural network

RNN architectures

Sentiment analysis

Text preprocessing

Text preprocessing

Bag of words (BoW)

Bag of words (BoW)

Table showing a bag-of-words representation of sample documents

Term frequency inverse document frequency (TF-IDF)

One-hot encoding (OHE)

Mathematical vectors representing one-hot-encoding representation of words orange, apple, and banana


Sentiment analysis

For references, please see tutorial’s References section

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