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GTN Proteogemics2 Database Search

Last updated Feb 8, 2021

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flowchart TD
  0["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nUniprot_cRAP_SAV_indel_translatedbed.FASTA"];
  style 0 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  1["ℹ️ Input Collection\nMGF Collection"];
  style 1 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  2["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nReference Protein Accessions"];
  style 2 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  3["Search GUI"];
  0 -->|output| 3;
  1 -->|output| 3;
  d14f9481-80db-4c15-8afc-6fa38ef61deb["Output\nSearch GUI on input dataset(s)"];
  3 --> d14f9481-80db-4c15-8afc-6fa38ef61deb;
  style d14f9481-80db-4c15-8afc-6fa38ef61deb stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  4["Peptide Shaker"];
  3 -->|searchgui_results| 4;
  afe0f1a5-28bb-44bd-b32b-c634aa2154f3["Output\nPeptide Shaker on input dataset(s): mzidentML file"];
  4 --> afe0f1a5-28bb-44bd-b32b-c634aa2154f3;
  style afe0f1a5-28bb-44bd-b32b-c634aa2154f3 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  5["mz to sqlite"];
  4 -->|mzidentML| 5;
  1 -->|output| 5;
  0 -->|output| 5;
  b43a2136-cf59-4fb0-bb2b-0d5b446c8ba9["Output\nmz to sqlite on input dataset(s)"];
  5 --> b43a2136-cf59-4fb0-bb2b-0d5b446c8ba9;
  style b43a2136-cf59-4fb0-bb2b-0d5b446c8ba9 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  6["Removing reference proteins"];
  4 -->|output_psm| 6;
  4 -->|output_psm| 6;
  2 -->|output| 6;
  a06ad5fa-9a00-4867-b976-3745c5e59c80["Output\nRemoving reference proteins"];
  6 --> a06ad5fa-9a00-4867-b976-3745c5e59c80;
  style a06ad5fa-9a00-4867-b976-3745c5e59c80 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  7["Selecting sequence with length >6 and <30"];
  6 -->|output| 7;
  b71e5417-2864-4712-b5c1-c90725976baf["Output\nSelecting sequence with length >6 and <30"];
  7 --> b71e5417-2864-4712-b5c1-c90725976baf;
  style b71e5417-2864-4712-b5c1-c90725976baf stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  8["Peptides for BlastP analysis"];
  7 -->|output| 8;
  8 --> 1ac3c776-8095-4db1-8518-3643dc081006;
  style 1ac3c776-8095-4db1-8518-3643dc081006 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;

Importing into Galaxy

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Hands-on: Importing a workflow
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  • Click on galaxy-upload Import at the top-right of the screen
  • Provide your workflow
    • Option 1: Paste the URL of the workflow into the box labelled “Archived Workflow URL”
    • Option 2: Upload the workflow file in the box labelled “Archived Workflow File”
  • Click the Import workflow button

Below is a short video demonstrating how to import a workflow from GitHub using this procedure: