These workflows are associated with Biomarker candidate identification

To use these workflows in Galaxy you can either click the links to download the workflows, or you can right-click and copy the link to the workflow which can be used in the Galaxy form to import workflows.

'Biomarkers4Paris' Workflow

Last updated Jan 23, 2020

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flowchart TD
  0["Build tissue-specific expression dataset"];
  1["Build tissue-specific expression dataset"];
  2["Filter by keywords and/or numerical value"];
  1 -->|output| 2;
  3["Venn diagram"];
  0 -->|output| 3;
  2 -->|kept_lines| 3;
  3 -->|output_text| 4;
  5["Filter by keywords and/or numerical value"];
  4 -->|output| 5;
  6["Add expression data"];
  5 -->|kept_lines| 6;
  7["Filter by keywords and/or numerical value"];
  6 -->|output| 7;
  8["ID Converter"];
  7 -->|kept_lines| 8;
  9["Add protein features"];
  8 -->|output| 9;
  10["Filter by keywords and/or numerical value"];
  9 -->|output| 10;
  11["Get MS/MS observations in tissue/fluid"];
  10 -->|kept_lines| 11;
  12["Filter by keywords and/or numerical value"];
  11 -->|output| 12;

Importing into Galaxy

Below are the instructions for importing these workflows directly into your Galaxy server of choice to start using them!
Hands-on: Importing a workflow
  • Click on Workflow on the top menu bar of Galaxy. You will see a list of all your workflows.
  • Click on galaxy-upload Import at the top-right of the screen
  • Provide your workflow
    • Option 1: Paste the URL of the workflow into the box labelled “Archived Workflow URL”
    • Option 2: Upload the workflow file in the box labelled “Archived Workflow File”
  • Click the Import workflow button

Below is a short video demonstrating how to import a workflow from GitHub using this procedure:

Video: Importing a workflow from URL