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How can I plan meetings across timezones?

  1. Go to a timezone website to see equivalent times across the globe.
  2. Select multiple times that capture at least 2/3 of the globe (we recommend three timezones)
  3. Alternate meetings across those timezones to enable global participation.
  4. Share your meeting time by going to this timezone website and inputting your timezone and meeting time. This will give you a URL you can link to any communications that will automatically convert that time to the local time of anyone opening the URL. You can also include your meeting notes link there for ease.

Time-saving tip: If you meet every 2 months, you can set up 3 recurring calendar events for each time chosen to recur every 6 months. It’s automatic, it’s inclusive, and it’s less effort!

Time zone map showing England, California, and eastern Australia timezones, with three circles around times that include 2 of the 3 timezones during working hours

How do I join the Galaxy Community Board?

SIG representatives should join our:

What is the Galaxy Governance Structure?

Galaxy Governance consists of a Galaxy Executive Board that provides global direction, working with a Galaxy Technical Board that represents Working Groups and a Galaxy Community Board that represents Special Interest Groups.

Galaxy Executive Board is in a rectangle over top of two rectangles, the Galaxy Technical Board and Galaxy Community Board, which are themselves over top of Working Groups and Special Interest Groups, respectively. A Project Management Office rectangle spans the image across the bottom

What's the Galaxy Community Board?

The Galaxy Community Board provides a supportive virtual forum for the exchange of ideas, and a governance body to represent Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in Galaxy.

The goals of the GCB are to:

  • share resources, tips & best practices to make running SIGs easier;
  • discuss scientist (user) feedback to help guide Galaxy platform development;
  • communicate scientist (user) needs to the Galaxy Governance structure; and
  • develop proposals to advance scientist (user) goals in the Galaxy community.

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