What are the most used tools in the GTN?

Author(s) orcid logoAvatarHelena Rasche

Posted on: 8 February 2023

Did you ever wonder which was the number one most used tool in the GTN? There is a new page of Top Tools where we list all of the top tools in the GTN, and which tutorials use them. We guessed “upload1”, but it seems like not every author annotates that step explicitly in their tutorial, and of course it doesn’t appear in the workflows which we also scan to create this tool listing.

This list is also available as a JSON API. And additionally we have exposed them as individual page listings as well, e.g. if you wanted to link to “All GTN Tutorials Using My Tool”, you could do that with one of these pages like Cat1, or iuc/multiqc

We hope to connect this to the training materials in more places in the future, e.g. “Find other tutorials using this tool” type annotations automatically. Or even embedding it in the Galaxy tool form! If you have ideas, let us know!


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