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gtn infrastructure new feature

Posted on: 23 November 2021 purlPURL:

After runnning a number of virtual training events this year (e.g. Smörgåsbord, GCC2021), we now have a large collection of training videos around the GTN materials, created by this community.

To make these videos easier to find, we now list the available videos in the overview box at the top of each tutorial.

screenshot showing the GTN Video library dropdown in the overview box of a tutorial.

This will take you to the video page on the new GTN Video Library website:

gif showing how to access the GTN video library from the overview box at the top of a tutorial.

Below these videos in the video library you will find a link to the GTN archive showing the tutorial as it appeared at the time of recording, and also support multiple versions of the videos of this tutorial at different points in time.

We will also use this video library as a basis for a course builder to help instructors and event organisers re-use these videos in their own workshops with minimal effort, stay tuned!

screenshot of video with multiple versions.

Screenshot of the GTN Video Library Home page

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