New Tutorial: Genome Annotation with Apollo

Posted on: 4 June 2021

After two years, the Galaxy Genome Annotation team has finally finished their much awaited tutorial on doing Genome Annotation in Galaxy! Genome annotation is a time consuming and largely manual process as it requires the synthesis of a significant amount of varied information to make inferences, a process tha cannot be accomplished without an interactive editor. To support this, Apollo was deployed on Over the past two years the GGA project has pushed forward apollo and tooling around it, and it finally culminates in this look at how to annotated your genomes in Apollo.

But genome annotation isn’t just a solitary activity, from bacterial genomes to larger, they require an entire team of people to do the annotation process which is how Apollo further makes this process easy; by acting like a “Google Docs for Genome Annotation”, providing a collaborative, real-time genome annotation framework, entire teams can work together simultaneously with Apollo, analysing their data in Galaxy, and sending the results back to Apollo.

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Screenshot of Apollo embedded within the Galaxy Europe interface, Apollo shows a couple of gene tracks.