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Posted on: 1 June 2021 purlPURL: https://gxy.io/GTN:N00015

Did you ever start teaching a GTN tutorial, only to realise something changed recently? Oh no! A while ago the GTN created an Archive to address just this concern. On every tag, we’d build a copy of the website which we would place online and never touch again. This way we’d have permanent online copies so that if someone needed to go back to an older version of the GTN, they could.

However it was hard to reach and you had to know about it, so we’ve placed the links in the Extras Menu of every page. There you’ll find a list of the three most recent tags (automatically created monthly, and sometimes manually for big events) and a link to browse all tags in the archive. This should work on every page, however beware that it can direct you to pages that didn’t use to exist back then (like this news item!) so give it a test on one of the tutorials in the GTN’s library instead.

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30 January 2024   gtn infrastructure new feature beta

Howdy teachers and support staff! We are exploring displaying GTN content directly in the Galaxy Help site, furthering the integration between the GTN and the Galaxy community infrastructure. When you paste a GTN Frequently Asked Questions URL into the Galaxy Discourse, it will now be rendered directly in Discourse!

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29 January 2024   gtn infrastructure new feature automation

Based on user feedback of the difficulties of the GTN news submission process we have significantly simplified and removed the need for manually editing a YAML file by providing a quick and easy Google Form

Galaxy Single-cell Community: Year in Review

22 December 2023   gtn communications single-cell

🚀Embarking on a cosmic journey, the Galaxy Single-cell Community has clustered together to unveil a constellation of tools, making strides in RNA-stellar discoveries and creating out-of-this-world workflows. With a commitment to battling work duplication across the multiverse, this community is boldly charting a course for global domination, proving that when it comes to bioinformatics, the Galaxy is the limit!✨