New Feature: Video Player

Author(s) orcid logoAvatarHelena Rasche

Posted on: 6 April 2021

One of our contributors (AvatarMehmet Tekman) found himself wanting to link to a specific time point in a video. We said “Wow, what a fantastic idea!” and then we implemented it. To support that we developed a very simple standalone video player page where you can view the GTN videos and browse through our catalog. It features the full transcript on the left, some suggested videos on the right, and a very standard <video> player.

Check out the new GTN Video home now now.

Example of video player mimicking youtube's interface with a video at the top, a transcript at the bottom left, and suggested videos at the bottom right.

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New Feature:

20 April 2023   new feature gtn

The GTN has set up a very simple “redirection” service based on which Helena discovered after reading some Home Assistant documentation and saw a really neat link which led to her own internal home assistant.

New Feature: Persistent URLs (PURLs) / Shortlinks

19 April 2023   new feature gtn

The GTN has added persistent URL identifiers for our tutorials, slides, and FAQs. Using the service, we have reserved GTN namespace for our persistent URLs. These work similarly to DOIs in that they will always point to a specific training material.

New Feature: GTN Rdoc

19 April 2023   new feature gtn

The internal functions of the GTN have, in the past, not been very well documented. Now we have started the process of fully documenting the functions and modules available to GTN developers.