How to find and correct tool errors related to Metadata?

Finding and Correcting Metadata

Tools can error when the wrong dataset attributes (metadata) are assigned. Some of these wrong assignments may be:

  • Tool outputs, which are automatically assigned without user action.
  • Incorrect autodetection of datatypes, which need manual modification.
  • Undetected attributes, which require user action (example: assigning database to newly uploaded data).

How to notice missing Dataset Metadata:

  • Dataset will not be downloaded when using the disk icon galaxy-save.
  • Tools error when using a previously successfully used specific dataset.
  • Tools error with a message that ends with: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory.


Click on the dataset’s pencil icon galaxy-pencil to reach the Edit Attributes forms and do one of the following as applies:

  • Directly reset metadata
    • Find the tab for the metadata you want to change, make the change, and save.
  • Autodetect metadata
    • Click on the Auto-detect button. The dataset will turn yellow in the history while the job is processing.
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