Reporting usage problems, security issues, and bugs

  • For reporting Usage Problems, related to tools and functions, head to the Galaxy Help site.
    • Red Error Datasets:
    • Unexpected results in Green Success Dataset:
      • To resolve it you may be asked to send in a shared history link and possibly a shared workflow link. For sharing your history, refer to this these instructions.
      • To reach our support team, visit Support FAQs.
    • Functionality problems:
      • Using Galaxy Help is the best way to get help in most cases.
      • If the problem is more complex, email a description of the problem and how to reproduce it.
    • Administrative problems:
      • If the problem is present in your own Galaxy, the administrative configuration may be a factor.
      • For the fastest help directly from the development community, admin issues can be alternatively reported to the mailing list or the GalaxyProject Gitter channel.
  • For Security Issues, do not report them via GitHub. Kindly disclose these as explained in this document.
  • For Bug Reporting, create a Github issue. Include the steps mentioned in these instructions.
  • Search the GTN Search to find prior Q & A, FAQs, tutorials, and other documentation across all Galaxy resources, to verify in case your issue was already faced by someone.
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