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Combining datasets after pre-processing
Julia Jakiela, Wendi Bacon

Last updated Mar 26, 2024

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License: CC-BY-4.0
Tests: ✅ Results: Not yet automated

flowchart TD
  0["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nN701"];
  style 0 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  1["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nN702"];
  style 1 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  2["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nN703"];
  style 2 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  3["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nN704"];
  style 3 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  4["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nN705"];
  style 4 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  5["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nN706"];
  style 5 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  6["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nN707"];
  style 6 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  7["Concatenating Datasets"];
  0 -->|output| 7;
  1 -->|output| 7;
  2 -->|output| 7;
  3 -->|output| 7;
  4 -->|output| 7;
  5 -->|output| 7;
  6 -->|output| 7;
  168d4710-570a-43b1-998a-2164154eebc5["Output\nCombined Object"];
  7 --> 168d4710-570a-43b1-998a-2164154eebc5;
  style 168d4710-570a-43b1-998a-2164154eebc5 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  8["Inspect AnnData"];
  7 -->|anndata| 8;
  9["Inspect AnnData"];
  7 -->|anndata| 9;
  10["Inspect AnnData"];
  7 -->|anndata| 10;
  11["Replace Text"];
  9 -->|obs| 11;
  12["Replace Text"];
  9 -->|obs| 12;
  11 -->|outfile| 13;
  8b026c35-f9db-4bcd-8cf5-54b7d6fb5aea["Output\nSex metadata"];
  13 --> 8b026c35-f9db-4bcd-8cf5-54b7d6fb5aea;
  style 8b026c35-f9db-4bcd-8cf5-54b7d6fb5aea stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  12 -->|outfile| 14;
  6f55548b-5ded-42b8-b2f7-c7f1a327a068["Output\nGenotype metadata"];
  14 --> 6f55548b-5ded-42b8-b2f7-c7f1a327a068;
  style 6f55548b-5ded-42b8-b2f7-c7f1a327a068 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  14 -->|out_file1| 15;
  13 -->|out_file1| 15;
  2f0ea0f3-f2f7-44b2-b8f0-05d8cbb364a6["Output\nCell metadata"];
  15 --> 2f0ea0f3-f2f7-44b2-b8f0-05d8cbb364a6;
  style 2f0ea0f3-f2f7-44b2-b8f0-05d8cbb364a6 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  16["Adding in cell metadata"];
  7 -->|anndata| 16;
  15 -->|out_file1| 16;
  2720386c-7273-49d6-abb0-9bd14f6cb68c["Output\nAnnData with Cell Metadata"];
  16 --> 2720386c-7273-49d6-abb0-9bd14f6cb68c;
  style 2720386c-7273-49d6-abb0-9bd14f6cb68c stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  17["Batching Cell Metadata"];
  16 -->|anndata| 17;
  b950c8db-abe1-4cb0-af58-d291d3b74a83["Output\nBatched Object"];
  17 --> b950c8db-abe1-4cb0-af58-d291d3b74a83;
  style b950c8db-abe1-4cb0-af58-d291d3b74a83 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  18["Calculating mitochondrial "];
  17 -->|anndata| 18;
  2417284d-8252-43ff-84bf-6f15ef11cd05["Output\nAnnotated AnnData"];
  18 --> 2417284d-8252-43ff-84bf-6f15ef11cd05;
  style 2417284d-8252-43ff-84bf-6f15ef11cd05 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;

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Video: Importing a workflow from URL