These workflows are associated with Mass spectrometry: GC-MS data processing (with XCMS, RAMClustR, RIAssigner, and matchms)

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GC MS using XCMS

Last updated Jul 14, 2023

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License: MIT
Tests: ✅ Results: Not yet automated

flowchart TD
  0["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nReference compound list alkanes"];
  style 0 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  1["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nReference spectra"];
  style 1 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  2["ℹ️ Input Dataset\nsample_metadata.tsv"];
  style 2 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  3["ℹ️ Input Collection\nInput Dataset Collection"];
  style 3 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  3 -->|output| 4;
  5["MSnbase readMSData"];
  4 -->|output| 5;
  6["xcms findChromPeaks xcmsSet"];
  5 -->|xsetRData| 6;
  7["xcms findChromPeaks Merger"];
  6 -->|xsetRData| 7;
  2 -->|output| 7;
  8["xcms groupChromPeaks group"];
  7 -->|xsetRData| 8;
  9["xcms adjustRtime retcor"];
  8 -->|xsetRData| 9;
  10["xcms groupChromPeaks group"];
  9 -->|xsetRData| 10;
  11["xcms fillChromPeaks fillPeaks"];
  10 -->|xsetRData| 11;
  940c7549-1bae-4ddd-9e92-75fc7d2c8eef["Output\nFeature (peak) intensities"];
  11 --> 940c7549-1bae-4ddd-9e92-75fc7d2c8eef;
  style 940c7549-1bae-4ddd-9e92-75fc7d2c8eef stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  9f910e82-e7a5-4201-b944-1845ba6aa2e9["Output\nFeature (peak) metadata (mz, rt, ...)"];
  11 --> 9f910e82-e7a5-4201-b944-1845ba6aa2e9;
  style 9f910e82-e7a5-4201-b944-1845ba6aa2e9 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  5bab8f28-4df1-4397-af04-168546bd0e52["Output\nxcmsObj (XCMSnExp)"];
  11 --> 5bab8f28-4df1-4397-af04-168546bd0e52;
  style 5bab8f28-4df1-4397-af04-168546bd0e52 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  11 -->|xsetRData| 12;
  92fac5e6-1578-4e52-ac9d-2982e19a5b88["Output\nDeconvoluted spectra"];
  12 --> 92fac5e6-1578-4e52-ac9d-2982e19a5b88;
  style 92fac5e6-1578-4e52-ac9d-2982e19a5b88 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  f7657c17-6293-4fbb-b014-28009d495de7["Output\nFeature (spectra) intensities"];
  12 --> f7657c17-6293-4fbb-b014-28009d495de7;
  style f7657c17-6293-4fbb-b014-28009d495de7 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  12 -->|mass_spectra_merged| 13;
  0 -->|output| 13;
  7ec6ce02-5d83-48ab-ba0a-94976db297e5["Output\nRetention indexed spectra"];
  13 --> 7ec6ce02-5d83-48ab-ba0a-94976db297e5;
  style 7ec6ce02-5d83-48ab-ba0a-94976db297e5 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  14["matchms similarity"];
  13 -->|output| 14;
  1 -->|output| 14;
  024327f7-13b8-4ce9-8708-9f430d7ceedf["Output\nCosineGreedy scores of input dataset(s)"];
  14 --> 024327f7-13b8-4ce9-8708-9f430d7ceedf;
  style 024327f7-13b8-4ce9-8708-9f430d7ceedf stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;
  15["matchms scores formatter"];
  14 -->|similarity_scores| 15;
  15 --> 8a767006-4b3c-41ba-bea5-18fd100ce930;
  style 8a767006-4b3c-41ba-bea5-18fd100ce930 stroke:#2c3143,stroke-width:4px;

Importing into Galaxy

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Hands-on: Importing a workflow
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  • Click on galaxy-upload Import at the top-right of the screen
  • Provide your workflow
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Below is a short video demonstrating how to import a workflow from GitHub using this procedure: