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Posted on: 21 November 2023 purlPURL:

I recently imported Friends Don’t Let Friends Make Bad Graphs, a fantastic and educational github repository showcasing some common visualisation mistakes, that was available under an open license, to the GTN. Then the GTN automatically made a video for me.

[It was] really truly magical to be able to generate a 12 minute video in about the same amount of time that was spent importing the content + reformatting it

Just by adding the slides, with good speaker notes made from the discussion that already existing I simply had to add the slides, turn the discussion into speaker notes, and that was it. I was done. Once the PR was merged, the video was created, and available to watch on the GTN.

The video has perfectly accurate subtitles for anyone who is hard of hearing or d/Deaf, the slides are also available in plain text formats for those who prefer them, all from my contribution of a single, reformatted, markdown file.

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