Update: Workflow List now searches WorkflowHub.eu, advanced query syntax

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Posted on: 20 November 2023 purlPURL: https://gxy.io/GTN:N00061


We have now added support for WorkflowHub.eu in our cross-galaxy workflow search interface that lets you find workflows from around the universe. The support for WorkflowHub helps us showcase all of the best-practice workflows currently available there! These can all be imported and run directly in Galaxy.

The “Load in Galaxy” button uses our my.galaxy.training service to let you choose which Galaxy server you’re redirected to. These links will work for any recent Galaxy server.


Based on a request from Paul, more advanced querying was needed.

As such we’ve added a couple of alternative query parameters that you may use:

Query Parameter Example Values Interpretation
?query= ?query=single-cell This will search for the text singlecell anywhere in the conjoined fields of title, tags, and authors. This is similar to all but will look for exact phrases including spaces, rather than splitting up queries word-by-word.
?all= ?all=longreads+microbiome Each term, separated by a + (which is interpreted as a ` ` space character in URL parsing), must appear somewhere in those fields. If any term is missing, that workflow will not be included
?any= ?any=longreads+shortread As long as one of these terms is present, the result will be shown. So long or short read workflows will match this query. (Assuming they’re tagged properly!)
?none= ?none=testing+training If you want to exclude one or more terms, you can list them here.

Try some examples here:

If you have any ideas for new features or improvements, please open an issue on GitHub

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