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Posted on: 20 July 2023 purlPURL:

We have added a new “User Preferences” page for our GTN users! This gives you more control over both how the GTN looks, and works, for you.


This will allow users to set their theme with some more granularity! Previously you could only choose between a few themes, now these have been split into separate axes giving you more control over how the GTN renders for you.


Previously you could switch manually between light and dark themes. Now the GTN will default to an automatic one that switches the GTN to dark mode when your system preferences requests it. Alternatively you can override this and choose a light or dark theme as you prefer.

Light Theme

We’ve added a new light theme with a more yellowed background to be less harsh on the eyes. When the GTN is using the light mode (automatically or manually) you can toggle between this and the plain white version.

Dark Theme

Likewise, now when the GTN is using the dark mode (automatically or manually) you can choose whether it will use the “night” (dark grey) or “midnight” (pure black) themes.


Have you ever tried to use some applications in high-light environments, such as outdoors and found them hard to read? Many websites use unfortunately low contrast. The GTN now has a slider that allows you to select low, normal (automatic), or high contrast as is your preference. High contrast will make all elements a bit more contrasting to ensure you can see them more easily in those environments.


Previously if you wanted the Halloween theme it would only exist on a dark background, but now you can try them out on any background! The same goes for all other GTN themes, so please feel free to choose whatever colours suit you, knowing you’ll be able to use the GTN day and night.

Data Privacy

The GTN collects very limited information on you as a person. Most of our developers are located in the EU, and live under GDPR. We do not want your personal data at all.

However we do collect very limited statistics (page views), and error logs via Sentry (whenever errors occur). If you wish to opt-out of this collection, you are welcome to do so here.

Local, Session Storage and Cookies

Are you curious what information is stored in this browser that’s available to the GTN to use in displaying itself? Check out which variables are set here.

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