New Feature: GTN API with OpenAPI 3 specification

Authors: orcid logoAvatarHelena Rasche

Posted on: 10 November 2021

As part of the work for the Gallantries Grant, we wanted to access some of the data from the GTN in a more accessible, API based way. We are working on building a Video Library based on the wild success of our Smörgåsbord and GCC2021 events and to support that we wanted to start pulling in data from the GTN to save course authors time and effort when designing their asynchronous courses.

As such we’ve exposed a very minimal API with a lot of the metadata from the GTN allowing you to list tutorials, find topics and tutorials that are interesting, and render these in external sites or use in a programatic way.

Check out the API now at

Image showing an OpenAPI / Swagger UI to the training material API featuring several APIs like topics, tutorials, contributors, and a couple internal APIs. At the bottom are a couple of data models.