New Feature: Automatic Jupyter Notebooks

Authors: orcid logoAvatarHelena Rasche

Posted on: 24 September 2021

As part of the work for the Gallantries Grant, we found ourselves wanting to teach a number of non-Galaxy tutorials on topics such as Python, Bash, SQL, and Git. Writing the tutorials was always a bit awkward as you would spend a lot of time writing code blocks that would be copied and pasted by students into a terminal. We thought we could do better than that, so we decided we would try to convert these to Jupyter Notebooks where the students could read the training materials and simultaneously execute the code cells directly there with the text! This worked fantastically and now we’ve built this feature into the GTN to make it easier to run all of the coding tutorials.

Check out the first example material based on the Carpentries Shell-Novice lessons! Are you a tutorial author? Read the documentation on how to setup your tutorials to support this.

Image comparing Markdown, GTN materials, and new Jupyter Notebook output