New Feature: a feedback page to aggregate and display feedback answers

Authors: orcid logoAvatarBérénice Batut

Posted on: 28 July 2021

As you have probably already seen, a feedback form is embedded on the bottom of each tutorial.

The answers are automatically posted to a GitHub issue. With > 1,300 answers, it is quite difficult to keep an eye on the answers, specially because the answers there are for all tutorials, but also to have an overview of the answers.

How can we have the feedback for a specific tutorial? Or for all the tutorials for a topic? How many feedback has been submitted? Are the tutorials appreciated?

To answer some of these questions and help contributors, we created a page which aggregate all feedback, display them globally, but also by topic and tutorials, including the free text.

The data from the feedback are automatically extracted every week to update the page and its graphs. The page is linked in the “Extras” menu on the top (with direct link to interesting section from topic and tutorial pages).

Visit the Feedback page

Screenshot of the top of the feedback page with the titles and 2 graphs: the cumulative number of feedback answers over month for all topics, and a barplot with number of answers for different scores