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Galaxy Monitoring with Telegraf and Grafana


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Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana

General purpose tools for monitoring systems and services.

Tool Use
Telegraf plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics
Influxdb purpose built time series database
Grafana dashboard for beautiful analytics and monitoring


Speaker Notes

Grafana showcase

If you see a dashboard you can export its configuration and put it on your Grafana with your data. Copy away!

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galaxy dashboard showing route timings, user counts, job counts, etc.

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node detail dashboard with filesystem usage, process states, cpu, memory, load, network, etc.

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DB dashboard showing transactions, tuples fetched/modified, and index sizes for each database

Speaker Notes

user statistics page for Eu with 23k users, 30k workflows, 400k histories, 13M jobs, and 30M datasets. Additional breakdowns provided for years of compute time on various clusters included 1k years on de.NBI cloud.

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cvmfs dashboard showing which repos each server supports in green, and missing ones in white. ~90% of repos are supported

Speaker Notes

Key Points

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