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Reference Data with CVMFS


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Built in Data


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Data, what data?


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Data schematics in Galaxy


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Index Generation with Data Manager

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“loc” files - Short for location!

#<unique_build_id>   <dbkey>   <display_name>   <file_path>
bosTau7 bosTau7 Cow (bosTau7)   /genomes/bosTau7/bwa_mem_index/bosTau7/bosTau7.fa
ce10    ce10    C. elegans (ce10)       /genomes/ce10/bwa_mem_index/ce10/ce10.fa
danRer7 danRer7 Zebrafish (danRer7)     /genomes/danRer7/bwa_mem_index/danRer7/danRer7.fa
dm3     dm3     D. melanogaster Apr. 2006 (BDGP R5/dm3) (dm3)   /genomes/dm3/bwa_mem_index/dm3/dm3.fa
hg19    hg19    Human (hg19)    /genomes/hg19/bwa_mem_index/hg19/hg19.fa
hg38    hg38    Human (hg38)    /genomes/hg38/bwa_mem_index/hg38/hg38.fa
mm10    mm10    Mouse (mm10)    /genomes/mm10/bwa_mem_index/mm10/mm10.fa

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Where are the data tables?

(Usually located in galaxy/config/tool_data_table_conf.xml)

    <!-- Locations of indexes in the BWA mapper format -->
    <table name="bwa_mem_indexes" comment_char="#" allow_duplicate_entries="False">
      <columns>value, dbkey, name, path</columns>
      <file path="tool-data/bwa_index.loc" />

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Using reference data in a tool


<param name="ref_file" type="select" label="Using reference genome" help="Select genome from the list">
  <options from_data_table="bwa_mem_indexes">
    <filter type="sort_by" column="2" />
    <validator type="no_options" message="No indexes are available" />
  <validator type="no_options" message="A built-in reference genome is not available for the build associated with the selected input file"/>

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Some Problems!

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There’s a lot of reference data

.large[ (and it’s hard to keep up with) ] ref_data_prob_flow.png

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CernVM-FS to the rescue

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CVMFS Global Structure

.widen_image[ cvmfs_global_structure.png ]

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.widen_image[ cvmfs_server_distribution.png ]

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Thank you!

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