Support for annotating Funding Agencies

The Galaxy Training Network will now support annotating Funding Agencies on training materials. This is part of our ongoing effort to better annotate how people are contributing to the GTN and recognise all of the sources of contribution.

Funding Agencies and Grants can be recognised in the CONTRIBUTORS.yaml file and include a funding statement describing their contributions or the specific award number. In the future, as people add more funding agencies this will become a more controlled field.

    name: Erasmus+ Programme
    joined: 2020-09
    github: false
    funder: true
    funding_statement: |
        This project (`2020-1-NL01-KA203-064717`) is funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Their funding has supported a large number of tutorials within the GTN across a wide array of topics.
        <img src="" alt="eu flag with the text: with the support of the erasmus programme of the european union. "  loading="lazy">

They will be recognised in the by-line of tutorials, but in the future we will be separating out the different kinds of contributions to tutorials (authorship, editing, testing, funding, etc.) so watch out for that!

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