Statistics and machine learning

Statistical Analyses for omics data and machine learning using Galaxy tools


Before diving into this topic, we recommend you to have a look at:


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Galaxy instances

You can use a public Galaxy instance which has been tested for the availability of the used tools. They are listed along with the tutorials above.

You can also use the following Docker image for these tutorials:

docker run -p 8080:80

NOTE: Use the -d flag at the end of the command if you want to automatically download all the data-libraries into the container.

It will launch a flavored Galaxy instance available on http://localhost:8080. This instance will contain all the tools and workflows to follow the tutorials in this topic. Login as admin with password password to access everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding this topic have been collected on a dedicated FAQ page . Common questions related to specific tutorials can be accessed from the tutorials themselves.


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