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How to Contribute to Galaxy

Contributing to Galaxy is a multi-step proces, this will guide you through it.

Tip: How to Contribute to Galaxy

To contribute to galaxy, a GitHub account is required. Changes are proposed via a pull request. This allows the project maintainers to review the changes and suggest improvements.

The general steps are as follows:

  1. Fork the Galaxy repository
  2. Clone your fork
  3. Make changes in a new branch
  4. Commit your changes, push branch to your fork
  5. Open a pull request for this branch in the upstream Galaxy repository

details Git, Github, and Galaxy Core

For a lot more information about Git branching and managing a repository on Githubsee the Contributing with GitHub via command-linetutorial.

The Galaxy Core Architecture slides have a lot of import Galaxy core related information related to branches,project management, and contributing to Galaxy - under the Project Management section of the slides.