¿Hablas español?: The first curated tutorial in Spanish!

Hello in many languages

The first Spanish tutorial is live! Galaxy has always had google-translated tutorials, but we are now embarking on a project to assess the learning experience with human-translated, vs google-translated, bioinformatics tutorials. We are aiming to create a package of tutorials for single-cell analysis, in the first instance, and survey usage and utility in a workshop for native Spanish speakers. A big thanks to new contributors Patricia Carvajal LópezPatricia Carvajal López and Alejandra Escobar-ZepedaAlejandra Escobar-Zepeda (EMBL-EBI), as well as GTN overlords Beatriz Serrano-SolanoBeatriz Serrano-Solano (University of Freiburg), Saskia HiltemannSaskia Hiltemann & Helena RascheHelena Rasche (Erasmus-MC), for their hard work on this project from translation to sustainability, and, of course, Wendi BaconWendi Bacon (The Open University/EBI) for leading the project!

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