Generating PDF artefacts of the website


question Questions
  • How to generate PDF of the different tutorials and slides?
objectives Objectives
  • Generating PDFs

time Time estimation: 10 minutes

Supporting Materials


The website with the training material can be run locally. Sometimes, it is also interesting to freeze the tutorials or to get PDFs of the tutorials.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to run a local instance of the GTN website:

  1. Generate PDFs artifact

Generate PDFs artifact

To generate the PDFs, a command make pdf is given. This command:

  • Launches a detached Jekyll server to serve the website
  • Generates the PDFs of the tutorials by calling Chrome via command line
  • Generates the PDFs of the slide decks by calling decktape

hands_on Hands-on: Checking the website generation locally

  1. Install Chrome
  2. Generate the PDFs: make pdf
  3. Check the generated PDFs in _pdf folder


keypoints Key points

  • PDFs can be easily generated for the different tutorials to share with learnees or to keep a fixed version of a tutorial

congratulations Congratulations on successfully completing this tutorial!

Developing GTN training material

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